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Mission Statement :

The Beautification Program aims to reach those individuals in need, given up for loss or dismissed, by larger governmental or non-governmental organizations, by creating an interest in the up-keep and beautification of the East Little Havana neighborhood while simultaneously promoting pride within and throughout the community and its supporters.

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Beautification Program of East Little Havana
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Description :

Vecinos en Accion as an organized effort began when Fernando & Laura Gonzalez in 1991, decided to provide a safe environment for the neighborhood children and providing their friends, families and neighbors a living space in which to be proud by collecting debris that lined the streets of East Little Havana. At once, Fernando & Laura found themselves surrounded by persons contributing to the beautification of the area. Flowers were planted along the streets, trash collected and separated for recycling, old vehicles and abandoned houses recognized, street lights repaired and added, and other active moves towards preserving Parks and Playgrounds were instigated. With these first efforts the Beautification Program of East Little Havana and the Vecinos en Accion program were born. Today, felt in any school and any local popular spot of East Little Havana, is a thriving sense of pride,which is flamed by the attention placed on the continued maintenance of the clean, repaired, and cured parks and streets of East Little Havana. This pride is vividly seen in the youth, who through Vecinos en Accion work to keep their home, school and recreational environments safe and clean. Not only does the Beautification Program better the local environment while instilling a far-reaching sense of integrity and accomplishment in the youth of our communities, it serves as a viable means to reach those non-registered persons in need who may be afraid to trust and seek help.