Vecinos en Accion
Mission Statement :

The Empowering Youth Program (EYP) of East Little Havana provides a developmentally enriching environment, where children and youth can experience new opportunities, overcome any barriers to their success, and recognize their own unique individuality.

The Emergency Food Program was founded in 1991 as a non-profit program and provides food for more than 1,500 registered families and hundreds more non-regitered...more

The Job Placement Program of Vecinos en Accion in East Little Havana provides referrals and placement to low income individuals seeking to secure employment as way out of economic distress...more

Vecinos en Accion as an organized effort began when Fernando & Laura Gonzalez in 1991, decided to provide a safe environment for the neighborhood children and providing their friends, families and neighbors a living space in which to be proud by collecting debris that lined...more
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Youth Program
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Description :

The Empowering-Youth Project is a non-profit youth program which provides counseling programs and emergency food programs to low-income youth in the underserved area of East Little Havana Miami, Florida. This project currently works with roughly 1500 families with children providing life-skills and parenting programs, youth counseling, tutoring, emergency food programs and sports activities for all children of all ages. Importance is placed not only on the child but also on the parent thus creating a holistic approach and strengthening the support system from within. Our holistic approach is tailored to helping our community support the healthy development of youth by promoting positive personal empowerment, stronger academic skills, civic responsibilities, and leadership skills. By learning alternatives to negative behaviors which includes building bonds and commitment to families, schools, community-at-large and peer groups and by providing opportunities, skills and recognition within the family, schools, communities, and peer groups and by nurturing positive characteristics the youth of East Little Havana is advanced towards a life free of crime often resulting from involvement in gangs. Also important in the Empowering Youth Project is the created and maintained Space within the community where young persons, seeking help and guidance, feel safe to communicate troubling issues and explore opportunities to succeed as viable citizens during their phase of economic and emotional distress common in transitional families within distressed neighborhoods.