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The Empowering-Youth Project is a non-profit youth program which provides counseling programs and emergency food programs to low-income youth in the...more

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Vecinos en Accion as an organized effort began when Fernando & Laura Gonzalez in 1991, decided to provide a safe environment for the neighborhood children and providing their friends, families and neighbors a living space in which to be proud by collecting debris that lined...more
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Job Placement Program
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Mission Statement :

The Job Placement Program is designed to help educate and find work for those looking to improve their lives by being productive members of society.

Description :

The Job Placement Program of Vecinos en Accion in East Little Havana provides referrals and placement to low income individuals seeking to secure employment as way out of economic distress and poverty. This program at the Vecinos en Accion center has provided employment assistance to East Little Havanas underprivileged since ----- and and is today an integral part of the Latin American Community of Miami. The program uses a coordinated approach that considers employer and job seeker needs. The Center assists economically distraught persons faced with multiple barriers by securing their first jobs so that they may begin to move toward economic self-sufficiency. This program provides job training skills and is an access work site providing transportation services when needed. Continued support and individual case management are integral to the program and fostered so that participants in the program move up career ladders and increase their learning potentials to support their families.

The following list offers a window into the range of support services offered in this unique employment program.
*job listings
*job market information
*career counseling
*special employment programs
*job search support groups
*computer classes
*self-serve computer lab